Month: October 2017

Choosing the Right Catering Menu

If you’ve made it here, it’s fair to assume that you are planning some form of event - whether that be a corporate party, a wedding, or anything else - you will likely need nourishment, which inevitably involves choosing the right catering menu. There are a variety of variables at play here, but the following guide - caringly put together by the team here at Jaspers Event Hire - will help you through a process that can, often, be turbulent. (more…)
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Interesting Event Themes for Your Office Christmas Party

Organising an interesting, enjoyable office Christmas party is a tough task for anyone to undertake. With so many different personalities coming together, and all of the different opinions on cliché event themes, the stress is mounting already - and it’s only October. Since you should probably start putting together the evening soon, here are some interesting event themes for your office Christmas party. Worldwide Christmas Experiencing - and appreciating - different cultures is something we don’t do enough, so why not make your Christmas party a worldwide one this year? Event themes are all too often played out, we’ve all been around the Christmas party block a few times, but this is likely to be something new for everyone. There should also be something for everyone so the chances of moans back in the office on Monday probably won’t be about you. Since there is so much to choose from, it’s best to try and keep it simple and focus on a few different countries - four, for example. You can sector your event space into the appropriate countries and have guests float as they please or travel “around the world” in set places at set times. Food should be [...]
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