Month: February 2018

Wedding Trends for 2018

With wedding season approaching, the trends likely to crop up this year make for interesting reading. We are also in the mindstate for predictions following on from our recent blog post on the catering trends of 2018. While the classics will never go out of style, it seems this year is shaping up to disregard ‘traditionalism’ out of the window, with originality and experimenting with new ideas being more in favour. Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we are shaping up for a busy year ahead of covering a lot of weddings, so we have compiled some of our predictions for the weddings trends of 2018 below. Smaller Weddings Historically, weddings have been lavish and grandiose events with every extended member of the family making an appearance. This year, though, couples are seeing the benefit of omitting the invitation of outside family members and distant acquaintances for more intimate weddings. Only those that are necessary will attend, and it will make for a closer, more connected affair. Destinations Tying closely into the food trends we are about to mention, immersing oneself (and their guests) in different cultures is important to couples getting married in 2018. This wedding trend is centred around [...]
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