Month: November 2018

New boxes

We are very excited with a arrival of our new glass hire boxes. Branded up and ready to go the will be in use as of next week, just in time for the festive period
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The Benefits for Venues Working with Approved Suppliers

Many venues already work with a list of approved suppliers for their events, and for good reason - there are various benefits that come along with developing these long-standing relationships. For venues that don’t already work closely with approved suppliers, you might be wondering exactly what those benefits are… Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we work closely with many venues within a 30-mile radius of our warehouse in Luton, so we have put together a quick guide to help suppliers reason with finding a set list of approved suppliers for their event. Relationships Building working relationships are imperative in business, and this is no different when it comes to hiring furniture and equipment for events. With both venue and supplier working closely together, a mutual understanding is developed that plays nicely into working on events with efficiency. When a level of trust and understanding is achieved, this can also lead to deals struck between venue and supplier that benefit both parties. Policies and Regulations In terms of putting on successful and safe events, suppliers and venues both will have policies and regulations that they have to stick to in order to ensure they work to their standards. These will differ [...]
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