Month: February 2020

5 Ways to Make Your Events Sustainable

It is becoming increasingly more important to be sustainable, particularly if you are an event planner or manager running large scale events. As humans, we generate a lot of mess and waste on a daily basis. It is well overdue that we start reducing that, but we need to be more mindful and aware about our environmental impact and the amount of ‘stuff’ we produce.  In conjunction with the environmental benefits of sustainable events, customers often expect events they attend to be more green. By showing them that this is already at the forefront of your mind, you stand yourself in a good position for people wanting to work with or purchase from you. What is a Sustainable Event? A sustainable event, otherwise known as a ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ event, is one that takes into consideration the environmental impact it has. When planning an eco-friendly event, the idea is to waste as little energy, water and natural resources as possible. By making your events green, you can positively affect the environment, influence others around you to do the same, as well as help promote green initiatives in your local community. If you’re looking to improve your profile with attendees, and [...]
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