10 Halloween Party Themes to Inspire You This October

Halloween is fast becoming one of the most popular and fashionable holidays to celebrate in the UK. Granted, we still have a long way to go before we match and rival the US celebrations, but the trend and popularity of hosting a Halloween-themed party is on the rise here. What’s great about Halloween is that you can apply so much creativity to your event planning, from guests dressing up in spooky costumes, to designing themed activities and crafts, to putting on a more elaborate, immersive and scary event.

We’ve all been to a Halloween party that features apple bobbing, pumpkin carving and a ‘who has the scariest costume?’ competition. This year, why not try something a little different? Cast aside those typical traditions and throw your own unique Halloween party instead! Make this year’s Hallow’s Eve one to remember with our top 10 wickedly-awesome and frighteningly-good Halloween party theme ideas.

Our top 10 Halloween party themes:

Three women dressed up in costumes at a Halloween party

1. Murder Mystery Dinner

This event can make for a great night of delicious food and crime solving with friends or colleagues. You can encourage your guests to dress up in Halloween-inspired attire, and help solve the mystery together. You could also purchase a murder mystery party kit beforehand that includes a ready-made script, or have fun and make up your own.

2. Monster Mash Up

For a frightfully awesome evening, why not host a monsters’ ball? When we hear the word ‘Halloween’ we immediately conjure up images of Frankenstein, zombies, ghosts and vampires. Naturally then, this is the perfect opportunity to bring all these monsters together and celebrate all things terrifying and scary. You can provide monster-themed food and drink, play music and get everybody on the dance floor, perhaps even reenacting Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video.

3. Haunted House

This is possibly the easiest Halloween party theme to decorate. Our advice: go old, go rustic, go “cobwebby” (the more cobwebs, the better) – you can’t go wrong!

4. Weird and Wonderful Circus Show

Turn your party into a circus “freak” show with dark, creepy decorations. The weirder, the better and more wonderful. Think bearded ladies, terrifying tattoos and piercings, people on stilts, anything that fits the grotesque, the weird and the wonderful categories.

5. Crazy, Mad Scientist

If you enjoy experimenting with drinks and fancy dabbling in a little potion-making (think creative and colourful cocktails), you can create and conjure up elaborate and brightly coloured concoctions for your guests to enjoy! Also, this would be the perfect opportunity to test out any new and unusual food recipes.

6. Jack-o’-Lantern Pumpkin Carving

We did mention that pumpkin carving was a typical Halloween party theme earlier, but it’s a tried-and-tested Halloween party winner. We couldn’t not mention it; celebrating this spooky season would not be complete without it! This theme makes the perfect family-themed party. It is an event where you can get children involved and they can carve their own pumpkin (with supervision, of course).

7. Graveyard

Get creative with designing fictional tombstones of famous characters or people to help decorate your venue. You can make it as eerie and as grey and dark as you like. Or subvert your guests’ preconceived views of a graveyard, and make it humorous, bright and as colourful as possible!

8. Classic Hollywood Horror Movies

Hollywood is all about the glitz and glam, but what if you reversed this notion for your Halloween party? Try having your Halloween event based around some classic horror or scary movies which we all know and love (or loath!). You can get your guests to dress up as their favourite scary character, or decorate the room or venue with iconic, infamous props to complement your guest’s outfits.

9. Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Arguably, a Harry Potter themed Halloween party is one of the most exciting themes on this list. You can adorn your venue with cobwebs, witch/ wizard inspired props, cauldrons, and Halloween treats. Why not treat your guests to some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from the movies – for those who are unsure what they are, think jelly bean sweets.

10. Zombie Apocalypse

If you’re a zombie lover, or perhaps you want to feel a little more prepared if there (hypothetically) ever was a zombie apocalypse – why not create your own apocalyptic nightmare? Let the zombies take over at your Halloween event this year. All in the name of fun and a few playful scares (and for hypothetical preparation), obviously.

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