5 Wedding Trends for 2021

With 2021 now in full flow, we have delved into the trends within the wedding world for this year and how wedding ideas and trends have been impacted by the Covid pandemic!


  1. Bringing back British & Supporting Local

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020, there is certainly going to be an influx of couples looking into buying British & Local brands instead of looking elsewhere to support the British economy. Local photographers, caterers and suppliers are sure to have their calendars full too as people prepare to help the market on their doorstep. Jaspers are here for all event and caterer equipment for your wedding, but book soon to avoid disappointment.


  1. Traditional

For almost a year, people have been away from close ones and haven’t had chances to build memories, however, this year has the potential to be different. That’s why we believe that more traditional weddings will be back, with the sentimental value and heart back to where they belong on these special occasions.


  1. Pastels

Pastel colours have been back in for a while, and they are here to stay! We think the pastel colours incorporated into the wedding vibe will bring a fresh and bright look yet still a beautifully personal touch to the day.


  1. Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are extremely sentimental, which is certainly going to be a common theme for the year ahead. You can expect to see some gorgeous and antique heirlooms which have made their way down through many generations! These will be a thing of the past, present and future as couples vow to ensure that sentiment and emotion are at the centre of every special day.


  1. Eco-Friendly

As the ever-changing environment is being incorporated into peoples lives more and more every day, we are sure that eco-friendly weddings will be in full swing this year as people attempt to do their bit for the planet. This is sure to include brides looking into dresses they can re-wear or even second-hand dresses to ensure their day is as sustainable as possible.

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