A Guide to Crockery Hire

Crockery is an essential aspect of any event that includes a dinner portion. That’s why having the right know-how to get it right is important, and why our experts at Jaspers Event Hire have written this blog post. Naturally, not every event is going to need the same dinnerware – whether style or individual pieces – so it’s something to start thinking about early.


The materials you want to opt for is a good place to start. They can determine how and where they can be used and also help to integrate with the vibe and style you’re going for. Here are the main crockery materials to choose from:


The oldest material used for crockery, earthenware is made from unrefined clay fired at a low temperature. It’s great for a unique look and is especially fitting for casual events aiming to achieve a rustic, natural aesthetic.


Perhaps the most common and popular material for crockery, stoneware is a good, utilitarian choose for many different kinds of events. Stoneware is also more durable and affordable than earthenware and can still offer a good texture.

Like earthenware, stoneware is great for casual and everyday events.


By firing clay at a high temperature, porcelain is made. It’s a very durable and practical choice that is well suited to all kinds of different events. Porcelain crockery can have all manner of different styling but is usually smooth, clean and classic, which makes it great for almost any setting.

Bone China

Arguably the most resolute material used to make crockery, bone china is vitrified and is tough, yet manages to look delicate. The colours of bone china are vivid, white, and smooth and they are perfect for various styles of decoration. Bone china is perfect for formal events, so you should keep this in mind when choosing.

What Pieces Do You Need?

While choosing the right material is very important, there is also the matter of choosing the right pieces of crockery for your table places. Naturally, there are different requirements for formal settings and more casual dining. Here is what you’ll need:

For formal dinners, you will need a dinner plate, salad plate, bread plate, soup bowl, a cup and a saucer.

For more casual dining, you may also need mugs, pasta bowls, noodle bowls, and serving dishes.

Make or Break

While it might seem like it, a dining experience is not just about having good food. It’s also about the thought and consideration that has gone into the place settings and the decor that can really make or break an event, so it’s important to get the crockery right.

Jaspers Event Hire

If you’re putting on an event and are in the market for crockery to hire, contact Jaspers Event Hire today. We have an extensive range that will suit all manner of events and our staff will be able to give advice on what will go with your theme and formality.

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