Benefits of Hiring vs Buying Tableware

Equipment for parties, weddings and other events can take up considerable space. Hiring means no need to keep hold of items you’ll hardly use again, saving money in storage costs, plus, Jaspers Hire can drop off and pick up direct to your venue, saving you peace of mind!

Probably one of the greatest benefits of hiring tableware is the space you’ll save! Instead of having to find space to store all of your ‘best’ crockery, cutlery and glassware, you can have everything delivered and collected – easy!

By choosing to hire your tableware instead of investing in new items every time you host or a trend changes, you’ll be choosing a more sustainable approach, as you’ll be preventing items from ending up in landfill. You’ll be able to choose the latest styles and trends that suit you and your event, colour scheme and vibe – get creative! Select collections based on the season, party theme or style of food you’re serving – all without having to worry about buying a new collection each time.

Finally, you don’t need to face the washing up after hosting all evening, with our return dirty service!