Catering Trends in 2018 – Our Prediction

With 2017 drawing to a close, at Jaspers Event Hirewe are already taking bookings for events taking place in 2018. Because of this, we thought it might be interesting to divulge a little into the future and make a few predictions for the catering trends we think are going to take over in 2018. Although, as a disclaimer, these are simply predictions and we don’t know something everyone else doesn’t, we are simply using our industry-observations as inspiration for educated guesses.

Science and Technology

With every passing day, there is new technology that is taking over the way we interact with day-to-day life. We have already seen the rumblings of this in the catering and food industry, but we think it is going to find its own in 2018 and become a key catering trend.

We’re going to see much more ‘drone delivery’ and the integration of Silicon Valley-esque startups entering the food and drink world. It could even go so far as to pivot the service industries away from waiters toward robots, or innovative table-delivery methods. Maybe this change isn’t going suddenly materialise in 2018, but it will certainly develop further.

Technology is also revolutionising the consumer market, with it becoming easier and easier to recreate incredible dishes with equipment that is only now becoming available for consumers at consumer prices. This might play into a shift toward self-dining, and less on eating out, which could be an interesting challenge for restaurants all over the world.

Finally, a catering trend we saw in 2017 has been science and food converging to decipher interesting methods of redacting what’s bad for our bodies from food, and increasing nutritional value; scientists are working tirelessly on modifying food in a safe, efficient, and beneficial way. What’s more, with a big catering trend of the past few years being veganism, food scientists are creating new and interesting meat-replacements, with many more people now warming toward the idea of a plant-based lifestyle.


In recent years, we have seen consumers place a stronger emphasis on the supporting of, and investment in, local business, which is often materialised in a sway toward more local produce for many of us. This is going to continue to grow as the public develops its understanding of the environmental impacts of food and drink, and the economies that can be funded by supporting local business, but we predict there is also going to be a pivot toward developing an understanding of the processes and historical significance of these suppliers.

The natural progression from learning about something new is to try it – to see if you like it or are, in any way, interested in it – and then to develop your understanding. This is how passions grow and the reason for more people beginning to build upon on their local produce-knowledge by talking to the suppliers and sparking a dialogue with the independent businesses that they visit so often. We’ve seen this happen before, with wine-knowledge and coffee-knowledge and (lately) craft beer-knowledge, so it’s sensical for this yearning for learning to transfer into almost everything, with especially strong ties to locality, for a key catering trend next year.

We think the root of this is within the push for further authenticity, originality and having a sense of pride for their local area, so this could certainly be a catering trend that transcends being ‘trendy’ and sticks around. For more specificity, we can look toward a strong interest being taken up in craft spirits. As aforementioned, we have seen a meteoric rise in the popularity of craft beers, but craft spirits are certainly something to keep an eye on for 2018.

Looking Forward

As aforementioned, we are simply so invested in the catering and food/drink industry that we decided to run through some of our predictions of the years catering trends. We cannot guarantee these things are going to happen, the total opposite still could, but we believe these are some areas for notable attention in the near future.

The years ahead seem to be an interesting landscape, with emphasis stemming to either end of the spectrum – one end being innovative technology and the other being artisans. These two themes are likely to imagine new ways to work together as we move forward, and the combinations and creations are going to be very interesting.

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