Events Industry: Trend Predictions for 2020

As we enter a new decade (hello, 20s!), this naturally comes a new era of event planning, event trend predictions, and innovative ideas we think will help evolve the events industry. As there are only a few days remaining of 2019, we thought this would be the perfect time to lay out our trend predictions for the events industry in 2020. 

Our events industry trend predictions for 2020:


One of our biggest event trend predictions for next year is more personalisation at events for attendees. Personalisation is already becoming increasingly popular, but we predict that this will become ever more prevalent in events next year. We believe that personalisation will increase in popularity as it makes an event feel well thought out, and leads to greater success as your attendees will feel like they got more value out of it. 


Environmentalism is growing in popularity across the country. Many individuals and companies are increasingly taking steps to reduce their negative environmental impact. Because of this growing awareness and uptake, it also means that the event industry needs to work towards creating sustainable, environmentally-friendly events. Our prediction for next year and beyond is that there will be an increased focus on delivering sustainable events. As event planners, it’s important to understand the impact our events can have on the environment and make the necessary adaptations. Some of the ways in which this may be achieved include: reducing or banning single-use plastics, educating attendees, recycling materials for event designs, and offering more plant-based catering.


Choosing a unique venue can be a challenge, particularly if you want to stay in budget, on brand, and to brief. However, the uniqueness of a new, unusual venue allows you to push your creative talents further, think outside of the box and create a truly memorable event experience. We predict that in 2020 there will be an increase in the use of non-traditional event spaces such as industrial lofts, farms, or museums. Alongside creating memorable events, these spaces could also open up a wide array of options for creating immersive, hands-on experiences. In addition to choosing a unique venue experience, you could also have interactive live entertainment to entertain your guests and take it to the next level.


The rise of digital media is impossible (and foolish) to ignore in the event industry. Technological advancements such as augmented and virtual reality also provide alternative and exciting ways for delegates to interact at and with events. New developments in digital technology also allows businesses to engage and interact with their audience.


Data is a very powerful tool that we readily have access to in this digital age. We expect to see more data driven decision making in 2020 within the events industry. One key thing we predict this year is that event planners will use data to make important decisions in their future events. Through using data in decision making during the event planning stages, it can help drive better results and breathe new life into events. Data can be gathered from past events, successes and failures, in order to create future personalised experiences, manage expectations and avoid negative experiences.

Diversity & Inclusion

For 2020, we also predict an increasing focus on diversity and inclusion within the events industry. This one is perhaps the most important on our list, and it’ll become increasingly integral to plan events with diversity and inclusion in mind. As a society, we all need to push to do better at celebrating diversity and being inclusive of everyone. This includes, but is not limited to: race and ethnicity, different ages, genders, physical abilities, religions, languages, allergies and many more. This year there will hopefully be a rise in inclusive language (used both verbally and on signage), inclusive food options, better representation on panels and clear codes of conduct. 

2020 Trend Predictions Summary:

an image of an upwards trend graph
  • Increased personalisation for attendees
  • Focus on sustainability in events
  • More unique venues being chosen
  • New developments in technology used at events
  • Data driven decision making in event planning
  • More focus on diversity and inclusion

And that’s it! These are our event trends that we feel will become increasingly popular in the event industry in 2020. We hope you find this useful and can perhaps implement some of these trends into your events next year.


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