Finding a Great Photographer for Events in Cambridge

Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we provide a range of services that cover events throughout Cambridge from our base in Luton. We have the capacity to offer catering equipment hire including the table, chair, and bar equipment hire. Since we endeavour to help you host the best event possible, we’ve put together a few of the most impressive, Cambridge photographers in our latest blog:

Finding a great photographer can be something that is left to the last minute due to the chaos that can often ensue during the organisation phase. So, to make things a little easier for you, we have compiled a few of the best event photographers in the Cambridge area in order to make sure your event is captured in the best light, and is remembered for years to come.

Ian Olsson Photography

Ian Olsson is a freelance photographer with over 10 years experience in the business, and is a licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP). With a focus on corporate, events, weddings, and commercial photography in and around Cambridge, he holds a diverse portfolio of imagery that ranges from formal to candid and everything in between.

If you take a look through the portfolio page of Ian Olsson’s website, you will see an even spread of traditional photographic styles, along with a lot of interesting work with light and exposure that culminate to form an eclectic mix of aesthetics that is sure to match the vision you hold for your event. Scrolling through these images, you can’t help but identify that Ian Olsson has a knack for capturing the event as it would be from the guest’s eyes, which exudes a sense of immersion and inclusion that make for warm and evocative visuals.

Lina & Tom

Lina & Tom Wedding Photography are an interesting, dynamic wife and husband duo that utilise their individual photographic personalities in order to capture weddings in Cambridge in a unique fashion. With Lina being the organisational, gathering force and Tom possessing the stealth for candids, there is a range of different images that can come from employing this pair. What’s more, they have gained recognition for their dynamic photography with awards in the Fearless Photographers Awards, Masters of Photography UK and even the Top Wedding Photographer for 2016 and 2017 in the Four Counties Wedding Awards.

The charm of Lina & Tom is that their gifted eye for photography encapsulates an innate ability to place focus on the intricacies of the guests, displaying their emotions and the overall feeling of the event. The mark of great photographers is plastered across the portfolio of this team and their ability to play with intriguing angles, capturing the environment of the subjects in a manner that has earned them countless features in publications, which includes the likes of Vogue, The Guardian, and The Independent.

Lucy Lloyd Photography

Professing a range of creative, relaxed Cambridge wedding photography, Lucy Lloyd creates images that are traditional in their capture of the emotion of weddings, but artistic in the utilisation of engaging light and composition. Possessing almost four years of experience as a professional wedding photographer, the focus of Lucy Lloyd can be in the form of colour or black and white photography that matches the intended style of a wedding with proficiency. Naturally, she is also an award-winning photographer with two international wedding photography awards from Weddison.

For the creation of elegant and traditional wedding imagery in Cambridge, Lucy Lloyd is surely the photographer of choice. There is a sense of connection between the photographer and her subjects in every image detailed in the portfolio displayed, which can create an intimate sense of understanding that translates throughout the capturing of events, leading to a wonder pertaining to the mindset of this great photographer when it’s time to capture moments. On the topic of moments, there is a consistent theme of capturing moments in a timeless fashion to immortalise special occasions for those getting married, as well as their guests.

“A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye.” – Roger Kingston

Adeptly put by Roger Kingston, it’s important to save the moments of an event in order to retain the memories made. This can’t be done right by everyone with a good camera, though; the most important tool in a photographer’s repertoire is their eye for moments, which is why a great photographer is difficult to come by and more important to employ. The three photographers we have discussed are perfect for a range of events in different veins – weddings, corporate events, parties, marquees and even personal photographs just for you. To hear more from these photographers, their websites have been linked in the subheadings.

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