Going Online: Making Events Digital

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we were seeing a gradual shift towards the digitisation in the events industry. However, the pandemic has accelerated this shift, and in order for this industry to survive, every business needs to adapt, finding innovative ways to deliver their events.

The event industry faces an uncertain future with the majority of events across the world being cancelled or postponed following worldwide health advice.

Digital technology, now more than ever, is there to provide a crutch or helping hand to all of us within the events industry as we navigate through these unknown and uncertain waters. Unsure of how the future of this industry will look and how we will adapt to it.

Event organisers advice – 3 ways to create engaging experiences online

1. Live stream online or via social media

Live or video streaming provides a good substitute for hosting a physical event. You can have guest speakers appear, get real-time audience response and engagement, and create a sense of community as people can watch and engage in real-time.

When hosting video content, one of the top things event organisers need to think about is ways in which videos can be found by an audience, how they’re marketed, and ways in which they can be monetised effectively.

You can live stream on video-sharing platforms, or via social media, the options are numerous and the results can be incredible when you build an engaged and active audience.

2. Upload videos

You can also upload video content that has been edited together to create more of a ‘film’ like experience to your event. Uploaded videos allow everyone to access them, at any time, for months and years to come. 

3. Video calls, conferences, online classes & podcasts

If you want to host a more private event, you can set up multiple user video calls, using the platform to carry out interactive quizzes, exercise classes, talks, etc.

Alternatively, if you usually host conferences with industry-leading talks, why not set up a podcast. This means you can still conduct keynote speeches and share it with a wide audience.


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