A Guide to Table Hire for Your Event

Almost every event – whether corporate or residential – will require some form of table for guests to rest their drinks upon, return to after a tiring stint on the dancefloor, or eat their dinner. There are a whole host of different tables to choose from – all of which pose their own unique benefits – which can make it a complicated process to make the right choice for your event.

Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we provide table hire for events all across the UK, so we have bestowed our expertise to help you find the right table for your occasion in our latest blog post.


With choosing the right tables to hire, the setting and style are both massive factors to be taken into consideration. It would be rather avant-garde to only provide poseur tables at a banquet-style event, for example.

For banquets, wedding receptions, company dinners, it is best to go for large tables that are either round or oblong. Round tables are the traditional choice for wedding receptions – since they allow for easy, cross-table communication – whereas oblong tables are perfect for banquets and contemporary events since they can be placed end-to-end in order to create much larger tables, although they make communication slightly more difficult.

A corporate party is an event that gives you plenty of room for making your own choice of table. Depending on the theme, setting, formality, and general feel of your event, the choice of table will change. For example, poseur tables are ideal for events that are more about dancing than eating as same guests might want a place to stand and chat, with a platform to put their drink. In any case, it is definitely worth adding some spaces for people to sit down and talk if they are less inclined to dancing and standing, or have tired themselves out.

Of course, corporate parties and sit-down meals are not the only events that you might be throwing; there are plenty of other settings that might require table hire. If you’re hosting a different style of event – such as a popup restaurant, for example – bistro tables are ideal for a wide array of themes. A two-seater table is classic and timeless in a dining setting, so they’re always a great choice, but remember that it’s also important to include a range of tables to cater to different party sizes.

Consider the Format of Your Event

In essence, tables are a key aspect of any event and choosing the right style is less complex than it might seem. Simply consider the size of the event space in relation to the number of guests you have coming, as well as the theme and format of the gathering.

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