How Crockery Has Changed in this Century

As is true with almost everything, crockery has been subject to many changes that are based on trends. These shifts have been almost seismic since the turn of the century as influences such as social media – and the resurgence of styles gone by – have altered the consensus on what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’.

Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we are responsible for keeping our finger on the pulse in the catering industry as we provide a crockery hire service to customers throughout the UK. We share our observations on how crockery is changing in our latest blog post below.


an image of a square and angular, white plate playing host to a fried egg on toast

The noughties was an era in time that placed an incredible importance on minimalism and ‘fine things’ in crockery. Perfection was the overarching goal in the catering industry, and this perfection just happened to materialise in angular crockery, clean lines and strong colours.

Most of the plates, bowls, and even glasses, we saw throughout the noughties were comprised of strong, sharp lines – often times square or rectangular – and came in a limited colour gamut of either black or white, with maybe the occasional gun-metal grey.

The Last Few Years

an image of a set table for a rustic wedding

In the last few years, however, it seems the industry has been loosening its belt as the trends in catering – and crockery, specifically – lend themselves to relaxed styles with a little more charming imperfection. It has become popular to make the most of unique, original, and even ‘vintage’ items when setting tables in restaurants, at home, and for events. This is, perhaps, most surprising with weddings as many couples are choosing a theme that is more rustic than ever before.

In line with it becoming incredibly popular for restaurants to showcase a ‘farm to table’ moniker, and champion the culture of the area within which they reside, localism has taken off in terms of everything from their suppliers to decor as restaurants are even starting to get bespoke crockery from the local ceramicists.

Year of the Bowl

an image of a salad in a bowl

Even more recently, and especially this year, bowls have been cropping up in the coolest restaurants. Celebrities and influential figures have been expressing their adoration for crockery that has, in the past, been less in favour for their flatter counterpart (plates).

It has been argued that bowls becoming more popular is indicative of a lazy generation, but it is much more likely to be a matter of convenience. For example, people are becoming far more interested in eating new and interesting things – especially if they are healthy – and it just so happens that a bowl is often much more appropriate.

Fresh and Interesting

They say that trends are cyclical, but we are seeing new and interesting things in and around the world of crockery as of late that might not be harking back to the past as much as we are used to. There is always something new that comes along to light the industry on fire, and it is always exciting to keep tabs and pick and choose the trends that one believes in.

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