How to Make Your Event Remarkable

Whatever kind of event you’re putting on, we all want to make it a success. This goes for weddings, corporate conferences, Christmas parties, and everything in between. Making an event a success can be an elusive challenge because there aren’t really any sure-fire boxes to tick…

Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we hire out furniture and kitchen equipment to many events each year, so we have developed a good idea of what makes things tick. Here is what we think you should think about when trying to make your event memorable.


Making something personal will allow guests to resonate more with the event, therefore making it more memorable for them. This is a hard variable to quantify or measure but it can be achieved by valuing and integrating your guests with interactivity that has an effect on some of the event’s features or segments, such as letting them choose songs or choosing a nickname for their place setting.


One of the main reasons people look forward to going to some events, food is a massive part of making something memorable so you need to get it right. It’s going to be tricky to satisfy everyone but the key is to be inclusive and offer choice, but make it interesting. 

Be conscious to cater to dietary requirements, allergies, and preferences. Make sure to offer safe options, the classics, but also more interesting and unique dishes for those that fancy pushing the boat out more. Also, make sure it’s all tasty.

It’s also important here to ensure the food ties into your event theme and the setting to make it a synergetic affair.


Naturally, one certain way to make sure your guests don’t forget your event in the wash of other occasions they will attend, you need to wow them. There needs to be a feature or aspect of your that impresses people. This could be unique entertainment, amazing live music, show-stopping decor, an interesting theme, memorable activities, or just about anything that leaves a lasting impression.

For example, one thing you could include could be photo opportunities unique to your event that will give people a physical memory to remember your event with. Make sure these photos are good, though, otherwise they won’t be kept for very long.


Creating an environment that’s enjoyable, comfortable, and engaging is essential for a memorable event. First, you should address the matter of comfort and make sure your guests feel as if they can enjoy themselves. Think about the simple things: looking after their needs, making sure the logistics run smoothly, that there are good facilities, the environment and location are comfortable and things like this.

In terms of layout, you can tailor this to suit your event. Plan consciously to suit the vibe you want to create. That is if you want people to mingle and engage, think about a more dynamic layout of furniture and use sofas and benches as opposed to chairs in rows or tables/chairs. Make sure the layout makes sense with your event and make it interesting where possible.


Memorable and significant markers for your event will help to provide easy points of reference for your guests. That’s why you need to do your best to create an identity for your event, whether that is a marker like a logo or a particularly spectacular piece of art integrated into the decoration, or anything else.

Look to set yourself apart and use branding ideals to help achieve this.

Stand out for the Right Reasons

The main thing about hosting a memorable event is about standing out, hopefully for the right reasons. If your guests can find something to cling onto about your event fondly, they’re likely to do so – whether it’s a corporate event or family/friends affair.

With any luck, by planning your event consciously with the points we’ve covered in this blog post, your guests will have a great time and will remember that great time for years to come.

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