How to Plan a Wedding During Lockdown

Across the world, countries have been going into lockdown due to COVID-19. This global pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone, from the upheaval of our everyday lives to businesses and how societies operate.

For couples who were due to get married this year, the coronavirus pandemic has caused much disappointment and heartbreak, with many having to postpone or cancel their 2020 spring or summer wedding plans. 

With so much uncertainty it can seem daunting to want to or even consider wedding planning during lockdown. However, for newly-engaged couples who don’t want to sit around twiddling their thumbs, now is the perfect time to get productive and sort out your wedding plans. 

8 things to tick off a wedding planning to-do list during lockdown

1. Make a head start on wedding planning, get organised

The average modern UK wedding can be planned over a total of 6 months. It takes roughly 528 hours or 22 full days. With time now in abundance, if you’re stuck at home and furloughed, this is a great opportunity to get organised and make some headway on those hours! You could designate a whole day to wedding planning and make a significant dent in the total allotted to your future wedding.

Make a start on writing checklists or creating spreadsheets, research suppliers or appoint roles to members in your bridal party.

2. Construct your wedding gift list

With the majority of the UK staying at home in lockdown, we’re limited to online shopping sprees. This also means that you can start putting together a list of wedding gifts. Products that are perfect for newlywed life to help kit out your kitchen, new gadgets for your home, or experiences for your honeymoon. Nowadays, you can set this list of items up online for the ease and convenience of your guests.

3. Make DIY wedding decorations

Time is on our side right now, you can use all this time indoors to get arts and craftsy with your wedding decor. Not only will this save you money, but it adds a personal touch on the big day, and it’s a fun activity to do as a couple. Keep it simple and make signage or fun photo booth backdrops.

4. Go online shopping

Alongside creating a list of wedding gifts for your guests to purchase, you can make a start on purchasing any essential bits and pieces you need for the big day. From browsing through wedding and bridesmaid dresses to purchasing wedding decor. 

5. Write your vows and decide on any readings

Use this time at home during lockdown to get sentimental with your partner. You can research reading for your wedding ceremony, or sit down together and start writing your wedding vows. There are lots of ideas and inspirations found online, many of which tick all the boxes – heartfelt, funny and witty.

6. Create a Pinterest board

Sometimes we run out of ideas or lack motivation, this is completely natural and ok. Use this time to create your own Pinterest board – this could involve refining what you really want for your big day, browsing ideas, selecting a specific colour palette, choosing a certain type of food, or looking at different venue styles.

7. Create a music playlist (and first dance!)

This can be really fun, and the best part is you and your partner can pick your favourite music. Why not make a quarantine date out of it! Start by putting together songs for the pre-ceremony right through to dancing at your reception. You can select a wide range of songs that are party starters, or ones that hold certain memories. Time to get sentimental and creative.

8. Choose your venues and suppliers

With hundreds of thousands of venues and suppliers available in the UK, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what you want. Many venues and suppliers are booked up months in advance so be sure to enquire as soon as possible.

Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we supply a wide range of catering equipment and furniture to help with the finishing touches of your special day. From tables and chairs to cutlery, crockery and glassware, be sure to check out our full product list.

When planning a wedding during lockdown try to see this as an opportunity to make headway on your wedding planning. It’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed, but it can be fun. When your wedding day arrives all the meticulous planning will be worth it and pay off.


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