What Are the Benefits of Linen Hire?

In putting on a successful event, you are placing your hope on many aspects coming together to create a perfect experience for guests. One of the things that falls further down the priority list is the linen for tables (including tablecloths, napkins, and tea towels). A great way to remove all of the hassle of this is to hire your linen from a trusted company, but there is far more linen hire can benefit you with.

Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we have been providing linen hire in and around Luton for many years, so we use our expertise to help guide you through the benefits of the service.


Nobody wants to be presented with creased linen when they sit down at their table at a wedding, or any other event for that matter, so having crisp, pressed or ironed linen is key. This process can – however – be extremely tedious. Luckily a trusted linen hire provider will deal with this for you and provide linen that is fresh and table-ready upon delivery to make your life easier and your guests’ experience better.


As well as being crisp, you want your linen to be clean and this is another job that can be an annoyance without the right, industrial equipment. The sheer amount of linen required for many large-scale events can lead to astronomical utility bills and a logistical nightmare, but this is taken care of for you with a linen hire service and you can reap all of the rewards of clean tablecloths, napkins, and anything else you order – every time.

Ready to Use

As a result of not having to prepare your linen when you hire it out, there isn’t any care needed before tables can be set for the event. If you work with a trusted and reputable linen hire company, your items will be ready to use ‘out of the box’ without a second thought required. This helps leave you to focus on other aspects of a successful event.


Selection is, perhaps, the most valuable benefit of a linen hire service over owning your accessories outright. The outlay and inconvenience in having to manage and maintain linen of varying styles and colours as a company that isn’t specialised in the subject is great and complex. However, if you make the most of a linen hire service, you can benefit from a – likely – extensive and impressive collection that will suit any event you’re putting on.


This is a benefit that may or may not apply to your company, but linen hire as opposed to owning can be more cost-effective. When you consider the number of events you work on that may require linen, the different types of linen required and the cost for buying linen outright, it can often make a lot of sense to hire rather than purchase.

The Right Option

And, there you have it – a plethora of benefits attributed to a linen hire service that allow it to make a lot of sense for a lot of companies, including event venues themselves. Hiring linen for an event can help to maintain an excellent image with minimal hassle and remove another thing from the long list of responsibilities for an event.

Jaspers Event Hire

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