What Furniture Do You Need to Hire for Your Christmas Party?

It might only be October, and we may still have both Halloween and Bonfire Night before we get to Christmas, but the 25th of December (or whenever you’re hosting your Christmas party) is the ‘big one’ so it requires the most planning. As you can imagine, furniture hire companies are especially busy during this holiday period, so it’s a great idea to get your orders in early to prevent missing out on the key items you require to hire.

Before you can place an order, however, you will likely want to know what you’re going to need. Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we help many customers put together their perfect Christmas event, so we’ve noted down a few key considerations in our blog post below.

Tables and Chairs

The most common form of Christmas event/party is some sort of sit-down meal. And, in most cases, this means the host/organiser is going to require some additional tables and chairs to accommodate all of their guests.

In our experience, these Christmas parties are quite traditional in that they include a sit-down meal, some form of bar, and perhaps a caterer to prepare meals on a larger scale. This means you might be looking for a traditional style for seating your guests. Popular choices include our Brentwood and Camelot chairs matched with round tables and white table linen.

Cutlery, Crockery, and Glassware

If you’re eating, you are most likely going to need some tools for this. Stylish cutlery, crockery, and glassware is essential for a pleasant dining experience this Christmas.

For a sleek and modern, yet classic, approach to tableware, how about utilising our Metro cutlery, Quadro crockery, and Windsor glassware? The best part is you won’t even need to wash up if you select our ‘return dirty’ option!

Kitchen Equipment

Whether you’re self-catering or bringing in outside professionals to prepare your Christmas feast, consider renting your kitchen equipment to ensure those cooking have the tools they need to accommodate a large number of guests.

We can predict you might need a cooker and a hot cupboard, or two, some refrigeration, and general kitchen service items. Luckily, you can find all of these and more in our kitchen equipment section.

Christmas? Covered.

Once you have all of these ingredients in place, all you need is a venue, guests, and the food itself and you have your Christmas party covered.

Jaspers Event Hire

Christmas is supposed to be a cheerful time of year, so don’t get bogged down in the boring details and logistics; let Jaspers Event Hire help by taking some of the stress out of furniture and catering equipment hire.

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