Why You Should Consider a Winter Wedding

Generally speaking, weddings take place in the summer – there is a clear correlation between the warmer months and people tying the knot. However, that is what makes a winter wedding even more appealing. With everyone getting married in the summer, you are able to make the most of the off-season and reap some unique rewards.

Here at Jaspers Event Hire, we provide catering equipment and furniture hire for a lot of different events throughout the year, including weddings, so we use our expertise to guide you through the benefits of winter weddings in our latest blog post below.


Firstly, availability is much higher during the winter months, and this goes for a range of different things. Venues, caterers, vendors, and even guests (providing you plan ahead), are likely to have more dates free for your winter wedding. This takes some of the stress off of your shoulders, and theirs as well because it makes the wedding-fatigue much less commonplace.

It also gives you the opportunity to be more flexible with many things, including the date and the time, which can take yet more stress out of your big day. There are more things, too, like hopefully being able to get photographs back sooner as wedding photographers are also often less busy during winter.


Money is a big concern for many people when they’re planning a wedding because they can quickly become extremely expensive. For winter weddings, though, you could make the most of the quieter period of the year as the different vendors may be putting on discounts to try and make more money in the of season. Good deals can be found on travel, hotels, venues, catering, and more.

Again, though, there are more additional benefits that can come from putting your wedding in the winter that can help reduce your costs. Things like the Christmas/winter decorations that are already going to be up are free and can add an interesting look, helping reduce costs and increase the charm for your event.


Leading on from the pre-existing Christmas decorations that you can make the most of, there are further advantages to having a winter wedding that will make your day seem much more original than the standard summer wedding. It can be a warm and cosy affair, encapsulating what so many of us enjoy about the winter. Little details like the fabrics, the decorations, and the drinks can all make a difference to the vibe of your wedding – which is one likely very different to what most people are familiar with other weddings.

Furthermore, you will most likely be getting all the spotlight for your wedding (if you’re interested in that) as your wintery invitation will probably be the only one on the fridge for the cold months.


The weather is something that almost everyone worries about on their wedding day – there are so many things that can go wrong with it, which means it’s unlikely you’ll get what you are after. It might be too cold, too warm, too wet, too dry, too humid, too windy, or a combination of any of these, which could leave you stressed beforehand and then disappointed on your big day.

With a winter wedding, however, you’re inside. There is simply no need to worry about the wedding when you’re inside unless your location is remote and extreme weather can prevent people getting there, but even this can be rectified with more rugged modes of transport being arranged beforehand, if necessary.

You could even use the cold weather to your advantage and make it into a black tie affair as the thicker fabrics, structured silhouettes and darker colours are much more appropriate with the winter weather.

Consider a Winter Wedding

So, while it might be too late in the year to begin organising a winter wedding now, it’s definitely worth looking into for next year if you want something different from most other people. If money, time, availability, wedding fatigue, and the weather are some of your main concerns, a winter wedding definitely seems like it might work for you.

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