Your Event and Coronavirus

The global pandemic of coronavirus has hit the country, and indeed the world, hard. It has affected every facet of our society from people’s everyday lives and how they live them, to their interactions with strangers, family and friends, its affected incomes, health, and jobs too. 

One of the industries this pandemic has caused significant (but temporary) disruption is the events industry. Many event organisers are navigating their way through it all and trying to find alternative ways of delivering their events. While the events industry is no stranger to last-minute changes or dealing with stressful situations, the impact of COVID-19 is on a wildly different scale. But, nothing that event organisers cannot handle. 

As a collective, we’re staying at home, practicing social distancing and maintaining good hand hygiene. But, for an industry that relies heavily on the gathering of people, this virus has caused many issues for businesses.

While the world feels like a very different place right now, we wanted to share some tips and inspiration for individuals within the events community. In a time where we must physically stay apart to protect each other, we must connect with each other in other ways instead.

How Can Event Organisers Navigate Through This Uncertain Time?

Move events online

We may not be able to meet physically but we can conduct events virtually and host online events. Thanks to the marvels of video calling, video sharing websites and live streaming, we can still connect with others albeit in an alternate way. When hosting an event online, you can decide which digital platform or format will work best for you – from Zoom to social media and YouTube.

Postpone or reschedule your event

Sometimes it might not be possible to host an event online and you might have to make the painful decision to cancel, postpone or reschedule it. Here at Jaspers Event Hire, if you’ve made the decision to reschedule we have some top tips. These include: making sure that you have a replacement date and venue before you begin letting people know plans have changed; as well as offering ticket transfers and refunds. Not everyone will be able to make the new event date or location.


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